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WANT A QUOTE for you or your customers? IT’S EASY! Just email your dimensions or MLS sheet with the products you want in each room and we will send you a rough price via email. Or call us to schedule Wade to go to the property and give you a formal estimate.

Brown Behr Paint color card (selected by Behr Paint expert) is N240 and can be purchased at any Home Depot

Grey Behr Paint color card (selected by Behr Paint expert) is N220 and can be purchased at any Home Depot


Pet – brand name of polyester yarn.
Polyester is the most stain resistant -all carpets we stock are polyester.
Oz correlates to price, the higher the oz the more yarn per yard.
Density correlates to durability, the higher the density the longer it will look newer longer.
Twist helps with durability, the higher the twist the more spring in the yarn.
Gauge is closeness of the yarns, 5/16 is loosest, 3/16 is middle, 5/32 is the closest / tightest yarn.

Smokey Oak
Loft Pine
Cloudland Oak Modern Grey (LIMITED SUPPLY)
Sheet Vinyl Flooring In Stock
Below are 2 different styles of sheet vinyl flooring that we currently have in stock. Click on any product to see room views. Please call for pricing.

Feel free to share these with other property owners, investors and realtors. If you would like Wade to come to your real estate or investment office to present the products and bring samples please let us know.

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