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Are your hardwood floors dirty, worn, and disgusting and ready to be refinished or sanded? We will take floors from old (Ugh!) to new again (YEA!!!) If you need your hardwood floors sanded or refinished, call us in Fort Collins for a free estimate. Are your carpets filthy or urine stained? Do you want to get rid of them? Install hardwood and have it sanded and finished.

Refinishing hardwood flooring is a skilled trade that few people can master. Our contractors treat every sanding and refinishing job with a craftsmanship quality second to no one. Hardwood floor refinishing or sanding is not a job that can be taught in a short time, but an art that is developed over years which is why we use trusted contractors whose work you will be proud to show off (I know Jodi and I are).

Recent advancements in dust control and finishes have made it much easier for the home owner to have their floors sanded and refinished, sometimes without having to be out of the house. This new technology delivers a much better refinishing experience than ever before.

If you can’t determine if your wood floors need sanding or refinishing give us a call and we can come take a look for you. Floor refinishing and sanding estimates are free and we will at least have your measurements on file for when you do need to refinish your floors. You can’t beat the beauty and warmth of a wood floor that has been sanded and refinished by a qualified professional so contact us in Fort Collins, Colorado and feel confident and proud of your new floors.

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Professionally Refinishing Hardwood Floors Since 1988.

Included in our sanding and refinishing service:

  • Removal of existing flooring (not containing asbestos) and haul away
  • Furniture removal; no electronics knick knacks or personal items( we do not move furniture back)

We use only the best floor finishing products on the market whether it be oil base or earth friendly water base we will ensure you are getting the best product for your situation. Please beware of your living conditions: i.e. pets, children, possibly children’s friends, how often the floor will be cleaned, how much dirt and debris can be brought into the house from everyday living – all of these things need to be factored in before the sanding and refinishing begins. Keep in mind how long you will be in the house and if you want to do it again before you move out. When refinishing your floors properly and with the right product your newly sanded floors can last for years. We prefer to use water base when refinishing your floors because of the added durability but will sometimes recommend an oil base refinishing process to keep the cost down.

Jade Floors specializes in both sales & installation of carpet, tile floors, hardwood flooring, laminate floors, & vinyl flooring. We are also the experts to call for refinishing hardwood floors. Proudly serving Berthoud, Evans, Firestone, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown, Loveland, Mead, Wellington, Windsor, & the surrounding area.