Angie’s List Reviews / Awards

Angie’s List Super Service Awards received by Jade Floors, 2011-2017

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A Rating      04/03/2018 – Chandal Bass

Jade Floors did an excellent job on our carpet and vinyl planking work. They communicated well upfront and were proactive about earning our business. The installers were wonderful and friendly. Jade Floors was very accommodating and time efficient. They saved us over $3,500 when we price compared their products to other name brand stores. With the 1 year service warranty, their service cannot be beat! I would recommend this company to anyone with carpet or flooring needs!

Description of work:  Carpet and Vinyl Planking Installation

A Rating     02/19/2018 – George Arenas

The job went better than expected. The installers were very timely and made the experience completely headache free for us. The measurements and installation occurred ahead of schedule and under budget. Where do you get that kind of service today? Jodi and Wade are helpful and reasonable. Also, they are very honest. The installers were able to find efficiencies in installing the carpet that could save us money. Instead of pocketing the money they credited us for the unused carpeting which was very much appreciated. I would recommend them to others and will.

Description of work:  We had carpeting replaced in our townhome

A Rating     02/10/2018 – Ralph Runge

I like the way Jodi and Wade (Jade) do business and I would recommend them to anyone. They offer competitive prices on their materials. Their installers are very professional and talented. They work quickly, respect your home and clean up after the project. Jodi and Wade are very knowledgeable, and very responsive to questions or issues before and after the installation. They also did a great job installing my sister’s floor a couple years ago. You can trust them to upgrade your home quickly at a fair price.

Description of work:  Jade Floors installed LVT Vinyl flooring and Laminate flooring in my home.

D Rating     01/08/2018 – Mary Wild

not well, sample did not match flooring installed. Suppose to be on site at 8 to 10 am did not arrive until afternoon. 1/3 of floor installed before I returned and could see it was way more dark than either their sample or what was on the web page. Trim thresholds under doors do not fit or jamb when opening. Very poor communication with Wade, Jody, and installers. Plus never received my 10% angies list coupon from final price.

Description of work:   laminate flooring in kitchen area.



Dear Angie’s List Member,
When Wade met with your husband he gave him a complete set of our discount flooring to keep. We know these samples are the exact flooring you ordered because we hand cut 200 sample sets ourselves to give to customers right from the boxes that we stock. There is no way it could have been the wrong floor because we stock it right here on site and have installed thousands of feet of it for other customers with no complaints.
Your husband emailed us and told us he accepted the bid and told us he wanted the lighter of the two samples and wanted us to verify it. Both Wade and Jodi individually verified via documented emails that yes it was the lighter of the two samples. We then also emailed him a link to our website showing him all the variations in that flooring. That same link also showed multiple pictures of jobs that we have installed with that same flooring. Your husband then signed our contract accepting that floor.
We went out of our way to get the job installed for you quickly per your husband’s request. He accepted the bid on 12/5 and we installed on 12/8. Because this was such a rush job the arrangement made with your husband was that our installers were going to call him on the way because they had to finish another job first that morning. The 8-10 arrival window you are referencing was documented in our email to you for when the installers had to go back a second time after your husband pulled them off the job, they did arrive that day between 8-10 as promised.
The first day of install your husband arrived back later after our installers had installed 1/3 of the floor and he laid the sample that we gave you on the floor. You can easily see from your own picture that the sample board you had was the lightest of the same floor variations. Your floor looks exactly like all the other floors we sent you the link to on our website.
We explained this to your husband multiple times in emails as well as over the phone. Your husband admitted to both Wade and Jodi that he never took the time to look at the website pictures we sent and that he made the choice just by the small sample piece we had given him.
Your husband then pulled our installers off the job and asked that Wade come down and verify the floor. Wade was in route driving down to your job when your husband called and told him not to come because you decided to keep the flooring.
You stated that our communication was very poor. We have 19 emails documented which is a very high amount of emails for a job that was measured and installed in a 3-day period. In addition to all the emails, our installers as well as ourselves called you multiple times when we would receive an email from you. When we would finally get a hold of your husband he explained that you don’t get good service where you live. I have an email from my installers documenting that he called you and that it went straight to voice mail. We also have an email asking you to call Wade because he tried calling both your phone numbers with no answer.
The trim thresholds are the exact ones that come with the flooring they are made to match the flooring from the manufacturer and is not something we have any control over. With all flooring companies it is up to homeowners to trim their doors down when they purchase a floor that is taller than the floor that they replaced. Floor installers do floors and not doors.
Regarding the Angie’s List discount your husband never mentioned that you were members. Our notes from his initial contact with us say that the source of how you found us was that we had given him a previous bid for another property. Had he mentioned that you were Angie’s List we would have gladly given him the discount as we do with all the members. Your Angie’s List account is listed under your name but your husband was the sole person who communicated with us so there was no way of knowing even now that he was an Angie’s list member.

A Rating   01/03/2018 – Jace Adkins

The entire process through Jade was smooth. Blazing Hammers Hardwood did a fantastic job on the install, and we are very pleased with the results.

Description of work:  We received a quote from Wade at Jade floors and was very pleased with the process. Jade uses installation subcontractors, and for our install dates, Blazing Hammers Hardwood was available. The entire process through Jade was smooth. Blazing Hammers Hardwood did a fantastic job on the install.

A Rating    09/29/2017 – Douglas Taylor

Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing

A Rating     09/28/2017 – Heather Bankson

Great! Jodi and Wade are so nice and helpful through the measuring and selecting carpet, and their crew was SUPER efficient and professional. They got it done in record time we absolutely adore our carpet. I totally recommend them!

Description of work:  Replacing two floors of carpet

B Rating    08/28/2017 – Judy Leatherman

Quality of the work was very good, but punctuality was terrible, and communication was poor. Instead of the one week scheduled for the job, it took three weeks! (that was three weeks in which we did not have a usable living space in our house). On the first day it was clear that there had been a mis-communication between the contractor and Jade Floors about the extent of the job. Even though the staircase “stringers” were on our quote, the contractor was not aware of it. The job was supposed to start on Monday, and be finished on Friday. On Monday through Wednesday, one person worked each day to install the new floor in the living room (NOT a crew of workers, just one person). By Wednesday evening the living room new flooring was installed, but the staircase wasn’t even started. The contractor did not initiate communication with us–we had to contact him about the progress on the job. At that point he showed up with an additional person the next day, and let us know that they would need two days the following week to finish the work. We were on vacation the following week, but we gave them access to our home, in the hopes that it would be all done by the time we got back the next weekend. On Friday evening, the contractor contacted us to let us know that they still were not done. They claimed the weather as a reason for the further delay. Starting the third week, they finally did the polyurethane stain on Monday. The finishing was completed on Wednesday and Thursday. All in all, the work took just under three weeks. A few issues–although I think the floors look great overall, and I was pleased with the small amount of dust generated, they did not remove the baseboards on the places where there was existing hardwood that was sanded and re-stained (I’m not sure about general standards for whether that should be expected). Also, there was a damaged board in our old hardwood. When Wade came to give the quote, he said they would remove that board and replace it. That didn’t happen–they just put in wood filler. I would not hire this company again. I hired them solely on the basis of Angie’s List Reviews and the fact that they were the lowest of two quotes we obtained, so I feel an obligation to let this community know about our negative experience. Several times during the process I contacted Jade Floors to complain about the extensive delays, and inquire why we didn’t have an entire crew working on our floors. One time I got an apologetic email (but no action taken that I could tell), the second time they did not even respond to my email. I gather that there were other jobs this contractor was working on that were behind schedule, and that is why it took so long, but they didn’t even bother to communicate that with us. I certainly understand that things come up; I would have been a lot kinder in this review if the contractor had communicated the situation more openly with us, and been apologetic about the delays.

Description of work:  New hardwood flooring installed in living room and on staircase. Previous hardwood sanded and stained to match new installation, water-based polyurethane applied throughout.



Dear Angie’s List Member,
We are very sorry for the experience. Please hear our side of the story. There were two major reasons for the delay in your project (listed below). Regarding your notes about communication we do feel we communicated very well with emails, contracts that you agreed to and missed phone calls while you were on vacation.
1. You are right, there was miscommunication between the installer and Jade Floors on the length of time needed for the job. You did mention in your review you were aware that the job would take longer on the very first day.
The job was scheduled for 6 days (as you said) and the installer finished the third week on Thursday which is a total of 15 working days (installers don’t work weekends unless they are doing a final coat) not 21 days. You were also on vacation for about a week of the 15 working days.
At least one full week of delays was because Wade made a mistake. When he estimated the job (3 months earlier) it was broken into 3 different estimates (main floor, first part of staircase and the upper part of staircase) and when the job sold he accidentally did not transfer the staircase over into the installers work order.
You had a very complicated custom staircase that we should have scheduled for an entire week just by itself. But Wade made a mistake and did not budget for the staircase when he gave the notes to the installer. We have only one main stair installer who is skilled for that level of work. If Wade had not made this mistake your job would have been scheduled for two weeks instead of one week from the start.
2. The cause of the other delays was 100% due to the weather: The installer called you while you were on vacation but could not reach you. While you were on vacation it rained for a solid week. The rain not only delayed your job but also affected the schedule for your installer who had several other jobs that next week.
While you were on vacation you had both cars in your garage so the installers were not able to use the garage for making any cuts. If you had the cars out of the garage as stated in your contract the installers would have been done when you returned. Your contract states to leave access to your driveway and garage while the work is being done.
Weather delays are broken down in GREAT detail in our contract. In addition to your contract, we sent you an email on May 28th that stated: Please ALWAYS budget extra days for any unforeseen circumstances (in this case: underestimating time needed for staircase) and weather (in this case: 6 days of rain).
Having one installer there for the first few days was completely normal. Provided we had not underbid the amount of time for the stairs and if the installers would have had access to your garage the job would have been done on time.
Regarding the damage board it is normal for customers to point this out to the installer which we instructed you to do in an email. In the same email we sent on May 28th it also stated: Please email us with how your installer will get in and if there are any special instructions to add it to their work order. (in this case: the damaged board should have been mentioned.) Had the installers known you had special instructions to replace the board they would have done it. This damaged board was not on your invoice because we were not going to charge you for it. The reason why we have these notes in the emails to the customer is because Wade measures over 1200 houses per year and cannot remember where every damaged board is in each customer’s house and there is no way to document that on the installer work order without the homeowner pointing it out to them since even the smallest of rooms can have several hundred boards.
To answer your statement about should base boards be removed during refinish the answer is no. It is standard practice not to remove baseboards when refinishing floors for all flooring companies.
You mentioned that you reached out to us several times. We document all our jobs in extensive detail. There were no phone calls from you and only two emails that you sent. One email was on August 4th which we replied to within 5 minutes and the other email was on August 12th (while you were on vacation) which we immediately forwarded to the installer. As we mentioned earlier the installer tried reaching you while you were on vacation and could not get through.
In summary: As you stated, your floors turned out great and Wade’s error saved you a substantial amount of money (we were the lowest bid because the stairs weren’t budgeted correctly). Once again, we apologize for the administrative oversight on the stairs and wish we had not experienced the severe rain delays. We do sincerely appreciate you as a customer and hope you enjoy your beautiful floors for years to come!

A Rating     08/05/2017 – Andrew Hinerfeld

From start to finish it all went smoothly.

Description of work:  We purchased and had installed laminate wood flooring in the lower level of our split level home.

A Rating     07/14/2017 – John Wheeler

Went great. Very professional and loved the results.

Description of work:  Carpeting and padding in two rooms and walk-in closet. Furniture removed, old carpet and padding removed, new padding and carpet installed, furniture place back in place, cleanup

A Rating     05/30/2017 – Nicholas Bryant

Project turned out great!

Description of work:  Redid our entire house with hard wood floors and carpet.

A Rating    05/17/2017 – Robert S Lanciotti

Jade Floors did an excellent job from start to finish. Responsive and punctual to obtain an estimate and then the work was completed within a week! Jodi and Wade are really amazing and are a joy to work with!

Description of work:  New carpeting throughout entire home

A Rating     05/02/2017 – Les Scott

The installers were here on the scheduled day and time. They looked and acted in a professional manner. When completed, they cleaned up the job site. The outcome was a very nice looking floor!

Description of work:  Remodel of kitchen. Their part was providing installing Shaw laminate flooring and a subcontractor to install same.

A Rating     04/27/2017 – John Wheeler

The experience was excellent.

Description of work:  They did carpeting.

A Rating    04/17/2017 – Stacy Ruffer

The scheduling was easy and the bid was very affordable. The employees were all very kind and
professional. All around great experience, thanks Jade Floors!

Description of work:  we had a relatively small job. we needed to put hardwood in our office. We also needed to match wood that was put down throughout the whole house.

A Rating    03/14/2017 – Kelli Veit-Gautreau

Excellent! Easy communication!! On time. Great work! Job was done in 1 1/2 days. and its looks beautiful! We absolutely love the floors!

Description of work:  We contacted Jade Floors after reading several GREAT reviews on Angie’s List for this company! We were wanting to redo flooring in our dining room, kitchen, living room and a hallway.

A Rating     03/08/2017 – Lauri Gail Jones

Wade was exceptional to work with at his initial visit for estimate. This was our first foray in wood floors. We had questions and actually he pointed out items we hadn’t even considered. Jodi was the friendly voice on the other end of the phone and the prompt response during email communications. Emmanuel and his crew took pride in their incredible work. Arrived when they indicated they would. Answered questions. Explained things all along the way. Was never put off about time out for discussions with us when a decision was to be made. We LOVE our floors! We will recommend Jade Floors!

Description of work:  Complete floor replacement, main and second floors; included closets. Wood flooring every room except bathrooms/laundry room were tiled.

A Rating      01/23/2017 – Linda Leonhard

The tile installers were always on time. Worked hard. Never left a mess and finished the job ahead of schedule.

Description of work:  The floors in my bar had been ripped out by a previous tile company that never returned to finish the job. Jade Floors assessed the situation. Sent 5 men immediately over to correct and install new tile floors. They were done in 4 1/2 days.

B Rating    01/12/2017 – James Gebhart

Some issues on installation but they corrected them right away.

Description of work:  Replace all carpet in house.

A Rating   01/02/2017 – Dave Guffy

Fast service.  Guys removed old carpet and replaced in one day

Description of work:  Put carpet throughout the house

A Rating   12/19/2016 – Pauline Nol

It went very well. The floor looks great. Wade and Jodi are very helpful and good to work with. Emmanuel and his crew were fantastic!

Description of work:  I had prefinished hardwood floors put in to a section of my house.

A Rating    12/05/2016 – Erin Eskew

Terrific. They were consistent in their arrival times in the morning. Always showing up when they were supposed to and getting the work done since. They worked unbelievably hard throughout the day and were perfectionists. I was so pleased with the end result that they are now doing our basement. The price was competitive if not cheaper.

Description of work:  They restored our wood flooring on the entire main floor. They installed wood in some areas and remanded and restored other areas, they then re-sanded and finished the entire floor.

A Rating    11/04/2016 – Jami Warren

Jodi, one of the owners, was very detailed and very responsive to any and all of our questions.  She made sure we read all the information and understood what would be going on during the time of the installation.  She not only had one phone number, but all, in case she needed to contact us for anything.  I actually have never had a company be so detailed and timely.  Emmanuel and his crew came on a Monday morning around 9 and they did the ENTIRE thing in one day!!!  I was shocked!  Perfectly installed, and even did a little extra when it came to trimming around the stairs on the landing.  Emmanuel was very professional and nice.  His crew was nice as well.  All in all, we are extremely pleased and will certainly use Jade Flooring again, when we are ready for our next install.

Description of work:  We had hardwood floors installed in our living room and upstairs landing and hallway.

A Rating     05/04/2016 – Gerry Gjerde

Description of work:  We had carpet installed in our basement family room, two bedrooms, and a stairwell. Jodi and Wade were very easy to work with and kept in touch with us through the entire process. The installers were efficient and competent. The price of the carpet and the installation was several thousand dollars less than other quotes!!! We are very satisfied.

A Rating     04/22/2016 – Debra Wanger

Description of work:  There was a problem with a seam. We contacted Jade and the owner came to assess the situation. He, then, sent a couple crew members to fix it. I was happy with the attention and quick response. Also, the day of installation, there was a huge snow storm, so the carpet install couldn’t happen. Again, I was impressed with Jade Floors’ communication and ability to get us rescheduled without a long wait.

A Rating    03/24/2016 – Liesa Brown

Description of work:  After some ups and downs it was done to my satisfaction. I cannot say enough about how Wade and Jodi worked to take care of the issues. Their customer service was excellent.

A Rating    01/10/2016 – Karen Lampke

Description of work:  Excellent company.

A Rating     12/07/2015 – Stuart Bobb

It went very smoothly.  Installers showed up according to plan and were done according to plan.  The price was excellent for the quality of the carpet and work done.  Paying them was a bit of a hassle (drive across town on two separate occasions to drop off checks) as I didn’t have the “right kind” of check for the electronic processing they use.  I do understand that keeping a tight rein on cash flow is part of how they price so well.  That is the only thing I thought was less than excellent, and I knew about that at the start so nothing was a surprise.

Description of work:  Remove old pad and carpet and replace with new pad and new carpet for about 1,500 square feet – 4 bedrooms, 5 closets, three main rooms, a hallway and a flight of “pie wedge” stairs.

A Rating     12/02/2015 – Carrie Pitzulo

In general, very happy with them. There were a few small hiccups, like they didn’t order enough carpet for the first project. But it was in a room we didn’t need right away, so it wasn’t a big deal to wait. Their prices easily beat the other estimates.

Description of work:  Installed laminate and carpet

A Rating     11/03/2015 – Laurie Dixon

Jodi, Wade and their installers are awesome. They are responsive (better by email), friendly, accommodating and professional.
There were times when I wish that phone conversations could smooth out the communication, but that is minor. They are extremely responsive, and prefer email.
The two projects were separated by a couple months. Both ran smoothly, and completed on schedule.
The wood flooring was more tricky being in the basement (after mold/water mitigation), and there was plenty of flexibility when the dividing piece between the room and the hallway did not work for us. Jodi and Wade were very accommodating and returned the piece (since the hallway was going to be tile, we went with a tile option in place of the wood option).
The carpeting came later and was super easy. The installers moved the furniture and were awesome.
I will use Jade Flooring again, and fully recommend them. I do believe in customer satisfaction and supporting small businesses. You can take this recommendation to the bank!

Description of work:  – Wood flooring for a dance studio (in a basement)

A Rating    10/31/2015 – Barbara Lucia-Oskroba

The floor looks stunning!  Smooth operation throughout all stages. All the employees were hard workers & really friendly, courteous good people.  We appreciate how organized & how well we were informed with emails about every detail of the job.  Very impressed with how professional everything was handled.  Highly recommend and will definitely use for future flooring!

Description of work:  Removed existing carpet & hauled away, installed, stained & sealed red oak flooring in entrance way and hallway. Completed everything with transition strips & carpet reattachment in six doorways.

A Rating    10/24/2015 – Carol Peterson

They were really good in providing carpet types and working with us.  Their installer was amazing and our carpeted floor looks wonderful!

Description of work:  Installed carpet in new basement.

A Rating     10/19/2015 – Karen Lampke

Wade searched and found excellent match for the new flooring.  Jodi provided excellent scheduling communications.  Their installers were professional and efficient.  I am very pleased with the result.

Description of work:  Removed carpet and installed engineered wood floor.

A Rating     08/15/2015 – Mary Lovelace

Wade and Jodi of Jade Floors were great to work with throughout the entire process. They were always prompt in following through on all aspects of the process from the initial estimate to the completion of the floors. Our installers, Jay and Cliff, were very professional and did an outstanding job installing my floors.  I love my new floors. They are beautiful! I would not hesitate to use Jade Floors in the future.

Description of work:  Removed carpeting and existing hardwood flooring and installed 892 sq ft of new hickory hardwood flooring including staining and sealing.

A Rating     08/03/2015 – Maggie Atkinson

Wade was very easy to deal with.  He came over and provided us with carpet samples in our home.  The quote he gave us was all inclusive (tear out, install, etc).  The carpeting was done in a timely manner and the installer did a great job.  After the carpeting was done, the hardwood install began.  Wade recommended we go with an unfinished hickory floor and have it finished on site.  The install took longer than we were told, but Wade and his hardwood installers did everything they could to get it done as quickly as possible.  The end result is beautiful.  We are very pleased with both the carpet and the hardwood that was provided to us.

Description of work:  Installed carpet and new hardwood flooring

A Rating     04/10/2015 – Kathleen Russell

Description of work:  Installed Laminate Flooring throughout the house. Installed Vinyl in Bathrooms.

A Rating     03/19/2015 – Mary Lovelace

Description of work:  So far everything has been very good with Jade. We have the work scheduled for August 5, 2015.

A Rating      02/20/2015 – Sheila Dielman

Wade from Jade gave us a quote on replacing carpet on our stairs with hardwood.  We decided to do it and Jade was on top of all the details, making sure we knew when the wood would be delivered, what to do before the installers got there and how to take care of the floors after install.  The installers arrived promptly and got right to work.  We knew that the job would be dusty but the guys kept the mess to a minimum.  As much work as possible was done outdoors. Couldn’t believe that they were done before 3pm.  Stairs look great and match our original wood floors. Recommend Jade highly.

Description of work:  Install hardwood on stairs and landing.

A Rating     02/04/2015 – Susan Lindaman

Description of work:  Jade Floors fixed a poor install job for us that another company did. We had someone else lay the laminate flooring in our living room, dining room, and hallway, and it was unsatisfactory. We called Jade floors – they were prompt, professional, and did an awesome job of making the floor beautiful!

A Rating    02/03/2015 – Heather Reimer

From start to finish it was a great experience.  Wade came out quoted our job, got us the quote promptly and Jodi followed up.  Even when I was delayed in responding to the scheduling she offered solutions to make it even easier to make a decision on my end.  Alex came and did the work and was the utmost professional.  You could tell he took great pride in what he did.  He walked me through the entire process and would check in with me to let me know the next steps.  He also made sure that he protected the rest of the house from the work he was doing, so we basically have zero clean up to do post sanding, staining and sealing the floors.  I would definitely use Jade Floors again as I am super pleased with the results as well as the level of professionalism.

Description of work:  Refinished hardwood floors and fixed a stair endcap.

A Rating     01/19/2015 – Sandy Womble

Our home was built in 1979 and we moved in five years ago. It was our dream to replace the carpet in the
upper level of the home with hardwood. Finally, in the summer of 2014 we decided to go for it. We interviewed numerous flooring specialists, including Jade Flooring. Without question, Wade (Jade Flooring) offered us the best deal  price and product wise. In addition, he is very knowledgeable about wood flooring, having been in the business many years.
The installation was scheduled and the crew started on time. They completed the job after 7 days (including installing two sets of stairs). They were professional in every way. The slate installation was quick and professional as well.
Wade and Jodi communicated with us through every step of the process. This was greatly appreciated because it was a big commitment for us and we didn’t know what to expect.
Of all the contractors that bid on our job, only Jade was able to provide a quality product within our budget. They did it on time and with professionalism. They are honest and hardworking and we would recommend them to anyone.

Description of work:  Install hardwood floors on upper level of raised ranch style home. Install slate flooring in entry.

D Rating    01/16/2015 – Benjamin Britton

So, I quoted a floor install from this company.   2nd highest quote.  No big deal, I went with another.
HOWEVER, now I get “joke of the day” spam from this company.  When I block the sending address, it comes from another. The joke is on me!

Description of work:  Quoted Service



Hi Member, thank you for your input, feedback is always helpful. We do have to admit that this seems like an odd review since most people enjoy clean jokes to brighten their day and we only send the jokes out twice a month. We get a lot of emails back from customers telling us how much they enjoy them. Here is the paragraph that we send out to all customers when we send them their estimate…. “We will go ahead and add you to our e-mail list. There isn’t much to say about floors, so we send out cute jokes and videos about twice a month. It’s our fun way of keeping in touch with our customers. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe there is a safe unsubscribe button on all emails.” In regard to being the second highest quote you received you must have mistaken us for another company. You listed your approximate cost in your review as $3500 but the estimate we sent you was for $2,615.78. We normally make changes in the way we do things when we receive bad reviews but in this case,  we probably won’t discontinue the jokes because we get such a positive response from the majority of our customers and those that don’t want to receive the emails can always unsubscribe. We honestly do appreciate any feedback from our customers.

A Rating    12/23/2014 – Valerie Yoh

They were very thorough and efficient. They took great care in honoring our wishes about sealing off the old pet stains in the plywood flooring before laying down the new carpet. We will definitely hire them again when it is time to replace all of the carpet in the rest of our house.

Description of work:  Removed carpet in living room, sealed up pet stains that had soaked through old carpet into plywood flooring, and added new carpet.

A Rating    12/01/2014 – Steve Jackson

It went great!  We have had so many problems with contractors over the years that I just expect things to go wrong anymore.  Jade was such a pleasant surprise.  They came in on schedule, did a great job and finished on schedule and on budget.  What more could you ask for?

Description of work:  Jade Flooring did a great job for us.  They came in the day after I called to perform the estimate and then arrived just one week later (as-scheduled) to do the work.  It was a tough job, removing ceramic tile from a concrete slab basement floor and replacing it with vinyl composition tile.  They took great care to contain the dust and protect the other areas of the house from the construction debris.  They finished on time and did a great job cleaning up after the job.  I will definitely use them again.

D Rating    10/06/2014 – Justin Fields

The floors ended up OK, but the experience of having them installed was not. We hired them because they promised to send enough workers to get the job done in one week. Instead, the majority of the job was done by one person over the course of three months. The one day that a full crew came to the house, they were so incompetent that they nailed the trap door to our crawl space shut and we had to wait another two weeks for that to be redone. They also never sent a final invoice or let me know they were going to run the balance from my checking account before they did so and I had to pay an overdraft fee.

Description of work:  Installed hardwood and laminate flooring.


Dear customer, we are sorry this was a bad experience for you. Yes you are right on what you said and as readers can see by reading all of our A rated reviews on Angie’s List we strive very hard to take excellent care of our customers. Having said that, please let us explain the reasoning for each point you listed. Your job took 3 months for three reasons… 1. You ordered a rare wood that came from China which needed to acclimate in your home for over two months before we could begin the installation. That was 2 out of the three months. 2. The most important reason for the delay is the day our install crew showed up as scheduled you were not ready for them. Our installation notes that we sent you on 6/21/14 stated that homeowners are responsible for moving all personal items and electronics and our installers will move heavy furniture. You had them leave the job site the morning of the install because there were too many personal belongings as well as a fish tank that had not been moved. You told them you would get someone else to do the job because you had to leave for work. You had stated you would get someone else to do the install but then contacted us again four days later. Even though you were not ready as scheduled, we still did our very best to accommodate you. We explained this would now take twice as long because of having to pull installers in from other jobs. You agreed it would not be a problem. Even with all the rescheduling the total number of days we had installers on your job was 18 days, not three months. 3. The last reason why this job took extra time, was because you added an additional 400 feet of vinyl for your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry which took two weeks to receive the product. Trap door…. Yes the trap door was installed too tight which required us shaving the door down 1/16 of an inch. We ordered more wood in case we had to rebuild the door but ended up not needing it. Running your final bill… The last day my installer asked you if there was anything else that could be done and your reply was no, everything looks great, thanks. Your balance was ran the same day as per the contract you returned to us on 4/30/2014 giving us permission to run the balance due the day the job was done. This was probably something you had just forgotten. Again, we are sorry this was a bad experience for you, we truly feel we tried our best to accommodate you with the changes you made throughout this process. We installed $700 worth of base for you at no additional charge as a gift to you but if this overdraft fee is upsetting to you please send us the copy of it and we will gladly reimburse you for it. Thanks again for your business, we do appreciate you as a customer and think your floors turned out great.

A Rating    09/20/2014 – Linda Shoemate

Wade came out for an estimate on the day we called.  Since he works out of his van (instead of a storefront), he brought the samples to us and spent a fair amount of time answering all our questions and explaining the process.  We did not call back with our decision for about 8 days, but there was no pressure whatsoever.  Once we agreed to move forward, he & his wife set up delivery times and a set schedule.  This was followed with no glitches at all, and they even finished early.  They left the job site very clean (considering that any wood project is going to be dusty) and put the heavy furniture back in place for me.  They also promised to return if we found any problems.  Considering the way they handled the entire project, I have no doubts that they will follow through if we need anything further.  All of the workers have been very polite and easy to talk with, and they went the extra mile in all instances.  The finished project is beautiful!  My husband has said repeatedly, “If I were trying to do this, the house would have been under construction for 2 months.”  They took 4-1/2 days!  The carpet will be installed on Monday morning, but I wrote the review early because I am confident that it will be done in the same manner as the wood flooring.

Description of work:  Installed hardwood flooring in upstairs living room, kitchen, dining area, and hall (finished 9/19/2014).  Will be installing carpet downstairs on Monday the 22nd.

A Rating    09/19/2014 – Anne Merrow

Although the crew was pretty booked, they fit me in for this small job right away. It makes a huge difference to have the carpets taut and not sagging, and the price was very reasonable. House was clean when they left.

Description of work:  Stretched carpet in 1700 sq ft home

A Rating    09/18/2014 – Laurie Wild

Very nice people, I enjoyed working with them. Prompt service, excellent communication. Very satisfied with their work.

Description of work:  Replaced carpet and pad in rental – three floors!

A Rating    09/16/2014 – Maurice Thibeault

great job

Description of work:  wade s pricing was fantastic  the great attitude. the installers did a fantastic job and very friendly on time very professional and polite.i would use them again . thankyou so much Jade floors.

A Rating    09/15/2014 – Tim Michaud

Description of work:  Jade Floors was an awesome company to work with! We needed to replace our worn and tired carpet in our home and after researching Angie’s List we found Jade Floors. Wade and Jodi, the owners of Jade Floors were honest and true to their word throughout the entire process. Wade came to our home, measured the floors and provided us with a very reasonable estimate which stayed true, no hidden costs or extras. The installers did an excellent job and were extremely professional and considerate. Jade Floors is a top notch carpet installation company! We love our new carpet!

B Rating    07/23/2014 – Betty Feldman

It went fairly well there was a little problem with timing as the job was started the week before Christmas. I had said I would like it done before the company we were expecting came but that it wasn’t necessary. Jodi (Wade’s wife) thought they could do it. It would be tight but she thought it would work.. Our company was expected to arrive on the 23rd. It was my daughter and her family and they were spending the holidays with us. The work began after the wood had been left at the house for the required amount of time everything was going well until Friday afternoon. I had gone shopping and returned home to see that the floor was not extended uniformly from the entry way through the rest of the house but there was a strip placed between the exiting floor and the hallway. The main foreman, Chad, explained that this was necessary since he started at the dining room  and could not lattice the other area in without tearing out the entry floor. I was very dissappointed as Wade, the owner and I had discussed all this and agreed  fingering thee existing floor boards into the new floor boards was the only real nice way to finish. I was extremely disappointed and did not realize this was going to be the finished look.  I was grateful I got home before too much of the work had been done.. Chad called Wade about the confusion. Wade explained that he would have to find more wood in order to complete the work. This put us off schedule. we had to wait for the additional wood and also the work which had begun on the hallway need to be torn out. As it turned out the floor was finished on the day the company came however my daughter and family had to stay somewhere else for the night as the flour needed time to dry. Chad and his partner did work late into the night and came and extra day to finish. We spent the weekend in Eastern CO with another daughter. The floor is beautiful I did have to do some touch up work on the trim around the floor. I was grateful for all the extra effort that was done and pleased with the results.

Description of work:  We had hardwood floors put in our Front room area extended through the hallway. Jade flooring also sanded and extended the new flooring from our entry way dining room and kitchen into the new floor and stained everything.  They stained it to as close as possible to the original color.

A Rating    06/30/2014 – Nancy Ottofy

C Rating    06/22/2014 – Ed Peyronnin

Everything went well until the final stages. First, we had to put up plastic in the house ourselves to mitigate dust in the house.  I would have expected that they would have thought of that. Then the worker applied absolutely no stain before putting down the finish, even though we asked to match the first floor hardwood.  The stairs were a completely different color than the first floor, which the stairs abutted.  Wade came over, agreed and had the worker re-sand the entire installation, stain and refinish.  The worker actually would drop off a third young man over to help sand so he could do other work.  The attention to detail was terrible.  Once the stain and finish was applied, we could see that several small areas were missed because the stain did not take to the wood.  This left white spots.  Also, the stain was still lighter than the first floor.  We were told that it would darken, but after about a year, we are still not satisfied.  We certainly don’t want them back, ever.

Description of work:  We asked Jade floors to remove carpeting on our stairs and upstairs hallway and install #2 Oak hardwood to match the first floor.


Hi Member, Yes we remember your job very well and the difficulty of getting the stair wood to accept the stain. Most wood will amber over a period of time but if yours still has not then we will gladly come in and completely re-sand and refinish the staircase and hallway for you at no charge. We sincerely apologize for the unprofessional behavior of the installer who was on your job and guarantee that we will not let that happen again. At the time we had employees instead of subcontractors working for us. We have realized what a tremendous difference there is between employees and our current installers who are all self-employed 15 year flooring veterans who are extremely professional. There tends to be a much higher work ethic when they know their name and reputation is also riding on the job and not just Jade Floors. We are extremely pleased with our current flooring team and think you will be as well. Please give us the opportunity to re do this floor for you; we strive very hard to make sure all our customers are extremely happy with their floors and take full responsibility when they are not. Wade will contact you personally to see if you will consider our offer of re doing your floors for you at no charge. Thanks for the input and review, we continue to learn and get better by each mistake our company has made.

A Rating    06/20/2014 – Michael S Ramsay

Jade Floors is locally owned by Wade and his wife Jodi.  Wade is the person who comes to your house and provides the cost estimate and assessment of what you need.  He is very experienced and knowledgeable, which is was very beneficial when it came time for us to make decisions regarding our carpet and hardwood floors.  Wade provided critical and important suggestions that  were not provided by the other companies during our estimates.  Jade Floors provides you with what you don’t get when you go to the big box stores like Home Depot—I know, I’ve been there and done that, and have not been satisfied.  Jade Floors not only providing us with expert advise, but a great price as well–Jade Floors come in the lowest of all our estimates. Wade was very responsive and timely when he was needed or there was an issue.  Jade Floors went beyond what was expected and exceeded expectations.  The quality of the work was excellent and Wade stood behind all work and processes 100%.  We were really amazed with the care, attention to detail, and skill of the carpet installers.  I have had a number of carpet installs and these guys were the best by far.  If you are looking for a company you can trust, that will provide excellent quality work, and give you the best price look no further.

Description of work:  Replace all the carpet in a two story house, install additional maple hardwood flooring, and refinish existing maple hardwood flooring.

A Rating    06/03/2014 – Ann-Marie Bowman

Great. I had them do my living room and dining Room in November and liked them enough to hire them again

Description of work:  Carpeted 4 bedrooms

A Rating    05/28/2014 – Hope Bowland

Description of work:  Very professional. ..did great work

A Rating    05/20/2014 – Virginia Slauson

Description of work:  Carpeted room. Very prompt, competent service. Pleasant folks to work with.

A Rating    04/28/2014 – Margaret Buhler

Jade floors was very good to work with.  They were very responsive with our request for an estimate.  Wade came out on a Sunday.  They answered all of our questions and were very helpful.  Deron was our installer.  He also was very responsive to questions and concerns.
The only issue was that we were initially told that the floors would take a week to install, but because of being short of some materials and some miscommunication, it actually took two weeks for the project to be finished.
Though it took a bit longer than planned, the floors look beautiful and we know that we can contact Jade if we have any issues come up in the future.

Description of work:  Pulled up carpet and put down vinyl flooring in most of the house.

A Rating    03/25/2014 – Forrest Orswell

Great customer service.  Wade does not “nickel and dime” on estimates.  One price included everything we needed and was very competitive.  Installation contractor Chad did an excellent job on installation.  Was responsive and came back and fixed a few minor imperfections.  Overall a great company to do business with.  We will be hiring them again when carpet is needed upstairs!

Description of work:  Installed new wood floors and refinish existing floors.

A Rating    01/13/2014 – Joe Machala

All work was done to perfection. If they can make carpet repairs look as good as new, I can only imagine how excellent their new installation work will be.

Description of work:  Carpet in basement needed stretching in 3 different areas. Threshold between basement living room and stair landing at bottom of stairway leading to basement had was coming apart. When Wade came over to give us an estimate he immediately realized that when our new carpet from our upper level was installed they did not remove the threshold of the original carpet so we had 3 different pieces of carpet there. The new brown stairway landing carpet, a half inch of the original beige stairway carpet still on the threshold, and the beige basement carpet. Everything now looks great and done for an very reasonable cost. When we replace any more flooring these are the first people I will contact.

A Rating    01/06/2014 – Julie Bartz

I called Jade Floors in a pinch and on a tight time frame.  Jodi answered immediately and her husband Wade came out to our house in a timely manner.  We had a room that needed to be finished and a threshold that needed to be completed.  Jodi set up an appointment for an installer to come and do the job for us at a very fair price.  Even though we didn’t purchase the carpet from them,  Jodi and Wade were willing to work with us to get this done.  We appreciated their flexibility to work with us and our unusual circumstances.  We will definitely use them in the future and refer them to our family and friends.

Description of work:  Jade Floors finished a threshold and layed carpet in an office.

B Rating   12/13/2013 – Christopher M Jackson

replaced one room carpet (they provided carpet and pad). tore out linoleum and replaced with laminate that I provided. install went well. Only had a small hiccup with the amount of trim needed, easy fix with a trip to the hardware store. I wish I had viewed the carpet before install as the color is darker than the rest of the house. We decided since it was a playroom for the kids, that the carpet would again be replaced at a later date so we chose not to hassle with finding a closer match.

Description of work:  replaced one room carpet (they provided carpet and pad). tore out linoleum and replaced with laminate that I provided. install went well. Only had a small hiccup with the amount of trim needed, easy fix with a trip to the hardware store. I wish I had viewed the carpet before install as the color is darker than the rest of the house. We decided since it was a playroom for the kids, that the carpet would again be replaced at a later date so we chose not to hassle with finding a closer match.

A Rating    11/19/2013 – Daniel Payton

They did a beautiful job and were very reasonably priced.  If I had known what the difference in price was going to be for adding my kitchen onto the job, I would have had them do that too, instead of having someone
put vinyl in.  Next time.  The refinished floor in the hallway really had to be seen both before and afterward  to be able to appreciate it.  I was going to tear it out and start with a new floor, but Wade looked at it and said that
it could be repaired and refinished at about half the cost.  He was right, and it looks beautiful.  Wade or his wife Jodi always returned our calls quickly, and worked with us in a very tight time frame to install and finish the floors.  We had a wedding coming to our house, and they only had a week to do everything.  They re-arranged their schedule and squeezed us in, and we were very happy with the result. I would recommend them highly.
I gave them just slightly less than a perfect score because they seemed so busy that we thought they might be too busy to complete on time.  There was an minor instance where it was difficult to get the materials exactly when they needed them, causing a slight delay.  At the time, I was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to finish on time, but they worked late into the evening and did exactly what they said they would do. One additional plus was that they always cleaned up the work area after finishing for the evening.  My house was left in super-clean condition and almost dustless (wonderful high-tech finishing equipment).  Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who advised us about certain things that we should want in a good floor.  They were right and the results were beautiful.  I would use them again without hesitation.  Really good people.  Worth checking with them before you choose a contractor.

Description of work:  Jade installed a new hardwood floor, with finishing, in our dining room.  They also refinished an old, damaged floor in our entry way.

A Rating    11/17/2013 – Bonnie Shetler

Overall this went very well.  I had put off replacing the worn out office carpeting mostly because I dreaded having to face the decisions – and cost – related to the project. I finally got around to checking Angie’s list, called Jade Floors, and Wade came to my office the next day.  He brought samples, explained my options for commercial carpeting, gave me a few hours to confer with my office mates, and returned later in the day to give me an estimate and retrieve his samples.  He assured me they could install on a weekend when no one would need to use the building and they would move the heavy furniture;  all I had to do was move the small loose stuff and any electronic equipment and be available to let them in the building.  By the end of the day I was wondering why I had put this off for so long.  Within the next few days we had an installation date set for three weeks out, partly to accommodate my own travel schedule.
The installation took longer than anticipated, but they completed the job early Monday before the first meeting was scheduled in the building.  My concerns about the timing were completely addressed.  The installers took responsibility for the delays and were responsive to my concerns that the building be usable by noon on Monday. I am pleased with the carpet, the installation, and the price and have every intention of using them to refinish the wood floor in the entry hall next spring.
Description of work:  Sold me new commercial carpet and pad for  3 rooms, a stairway and hallway in a small office building, removed old carpet and pad and installed new.

B Rating 11/10/2013 – Sue Hintze

Replaced carpets, redid wood floors.  Hire again? Yes

A Rating    10/30/2013 – Molly Giere

Jodi and Wade did a great job for me and I plan to use them again when I do the upstairs. It was nice to have them come to the house with the samples so you could see how it would look with your lighting and decor. They didn’t offer a ton of options, but that was okay for me. By coming out and seeing it in person, they can scale down the offering to those they think would work best for your needs. I have friends who used them and know that if I had asked for more options, Wade would have gone out and brought in more…so I thought this was a great way to do it.
On the day of installation, I thought they might have gotten my order mixed up (didn’t look right as I had remembered). I called Jodi and she came immediately clear across town) to confirm the order against the sample. Not only was she very responsive, this worked great as I was able to discuss with her my thoughts on what to do with the upstairs next and we were able to run some samples up there to see how it would work.
The installers were very nice and professional. They were good about working with me to get my furniture safely out of the way without damaging it or the walls. They were also very good about making sure their work vehicle wasn’t a problem by blocking any of my neighbors (I’m in a townhouse). I only had one minor irritation – I was on a conference call for work when they finished (which I had warned them only lasted about 15 minutes) so my final inspection was rushed and I was distracted. As a result, I didn’t realize that their vaccuum hadn’t picked up much of anything (especially under the furniture they had already put back) and there were dirty hand-prints on some of the walls. In hind-sight, I should have asked them to wait until I finished the call, but I didn’t – so I did have to do more clean-up afterwards than I had anticipated…such as moving all the furniture around again to vaccuum under it. That said – it has been a few months and there are absolutely no loose spots and I’m thrilled with the new carpet!!

Description of work:  New carpet downstairs (living/dining room) including stairs

A Rating    10/28/2013 – Eileen Gluth

The customer service was the best. They promised to get the floor in within 2 weeks, but the floors were back-ordered.  When the flooring became available, they were able to call installers in on the weekend to get the floors in as soon as possible for us. They even gave me a discount for the inconvenience.  The installers (Nick and Darren) even gave me their numbers to call if there were any problems.

Description of work:  I had them replace the kitchen floor of the new house we moved into before the new furniture arrived.

A Rating    10/21/2013 – Kathy Egan

Tear out was very, very difficult. Jade had to come back 4 times to finish getting up old hardwood that was glued to cement. I am very impressed that they held firm on the tear out price they originally quoted despite it taking many, many more hours. Install was challenging because the carpet was patterned but the installers took the extra time to make it perfect. I knew where the seam was yet I couldn’t see the seam. Beautiful.

Description of work:  Tear out basement flooring, install new carpet.

A Rating    08/29/2013 – Debra Casale

Everything was great.  The exotic acacia hardwood we selected is beautiful.  Edging and finishing are top notch.  We had several places where we needed transition pieces and a tile floor that butted up next to the hardwood.  Wade did a great job with all of the work.
We are very pleased with the results !

Description of work:  laid pre-finished exotic hardwood flooring.

A Rating    08/21/2013 – Patricia Thomas

Guys contracted by Jade floor were very personable and did good detailed work.
Project was supposed to take 3 days, but felt this was not enough time with what needed to be completed.  Project took close to 3 weeks, but in fairness, 3 snowstorms with school closures happened in that time-frame.  Even so, had it not been for the snow, the project still would have taken 5-6 days at a minimum.
I was very pleased with the result and would hire them again.

Description of work:  Wood floors on 1st floor to include kitchen, living and dining room, and tile entry, tile bathroom, and walk in from garage, tile fireplace surround.

A Rating    08/08/2013 – David Lotierzo

Wade came by for a consultation.  He was right on time.  We discussed what I was looking for and with his advise we decided to use large area rugs rather than put tack strips into a 90 year old wood floor.  He said it would be less expensive for me to do it on my own than to have him do it.  Always nice to see folks with integrity out there!  When I have another flooring project, I’ll be calling Jade first.

Description of work:  Consultation only

A Rating    07/22/2013 – Daniel Baker

The air filtration system was outstanding. Didn’t have to mask anything off and only had a small film of sawdust to clean up (equivalent to leaving your windows open on a dry and windy afternoon)

Description of work:  Sand hardwood (oak) in living room and dining room

A Rating    05/17/2013 – Nancy Upchurch

Jade Floors was AWESOME!  Price was right, the team was great = polite, fun, knowledgeable – just like family.  They came early and stayed late – and always cleaned up every night.   Highly recommend them all.  I have received so many compliments on my new flooring and asking for their information.  Doesn’t get any better than this!!

Description of work:  Removed carpeting, laid hardwood floors in three rooms and vinyl in bathroom

D Rating    05/14/2013 – Susan Alexander

I contacted this company asking them to come to my home for an estimate for carpeting for a bedroom.  They made an appointment for Saturday, May 4, 2013.  I had 1 or 2 telephone conversations with the wife during the week, but it was the husband (I’m sorry but I forget their names) who showed up for the appointment on that Saturday.
He was on time.  However, he appeared to be in a hurry.  After a quick measuring of the bedroom, he brought in a couple samples.  We had an existing sample that we wanted to try to match or come close to.  As we were only replacing the carpet in one bedroom, we wanted carpet similar to the rest of the carpet in the house.
We did make it clear that within the next year or two, we intended to replace the rest of the carpet in the house.  Again, for this appointment, we were only looking at replacing the carpet in one bedroom.
Unfortunately, he stated that he didn’t bring all his samples and he was pretty confident that he had carpet back at their business that would come close to matching what we wanted.  He asked for a swatch or sample of the carpet we wanted to match, which we gave him. He then said that he would email me on Monday with the information, including an estimated cost.  Keep in mind that this took a total of maybe 10 minutes; max.
It is now a week later and we’ve heard nothing from Jade Carpets.  Not a thing!  No phone call; no email; nothing.  It’s as if we don’t even exist.
I’m sorry, but if this is an indication of their level of service, I am not interested in doing business with them.

Description of work:

We called and asked them to come to our home to provide us an estimate for replacing our bedroom carpet.  Unfortunately, we had to replace the carpet due to my daughter’s cat.  She ruined the carpet.  In fact, we tore up the carpet and pad and had to seal the sub-floor.


Dear Member, We sincerely apologize for not getting back with you! It had nothing to do with the size of your job, it was in fact a complete oversight on our part. Here is the explanation of what happened… The next two days after doing your estimate is when we had the huge snow storm in Fort Collins which was very late in the season for that much snow. The snow had a huge impact on all of the current jobs we were installing. We all worked extremely long days installing and rearranging customers to try to work around all the wet and sloppy mess. (It is very difficult to make hardwood cuts in some ones driveway when there is 2 1/2 feet of snow all around you) It took us and our crews working 7 days a week for the next 3 weeks to make sure our current jobs were done properly and to do our best to stay on schedule with the jobs that were scheduled after that. We even hired extra help to keep the homes clean from the snowy mess for our current customers. It was never our intention to ignore you, it really was an oversight due to a very hard 3 weeks of work. Again, we sincerely apologize. Our customers are all very important to us, no matter how big or small the job is.

A Rating    04/19/2013 – Andrea Hiskett

They have been more the willing to give estimates and advice. They have brought me samples to help me look at and help decide.  They are very helpful.  They cover every aspect of the project. They give you a window instead of an actual time to accommodate for traffic and other issues, that is very nice.

Description of work:  I have used Jade Floors for several estimates and advice.

D Rating    04/16/2013 – Teresa Barone

I want to start out with this review by staying that the owners of Jade Floors, Jodie and Wade, are very nice people.  However, you’ll notice my rating fluctuates and the reason is because Jade Floor used a contractor that was “very experienced” but new to working for their business.  I later learned that there were some communication issues and that explained (not justified) some of the issues encountered.  First, we were going to be charged $40 to move the washer and dryer from the bathroom.  When the contractor showed up without equipment to move it,  I had to drive down the road to get a dolly cart, and we helped him move it.  Otherwise, it would have taken him 30 minutes to drive into town to get his.   The charge was deducted from the bill.  The contractor had issues getting the toilet off the bolts since it was old and rusted.  He seemed upset and openly expressed his frustration. He was, after some time, able to get the old thing off.  Throughout the job there were various expressions of frustration made by this contractor.  Tools were noisely thrown down.  There was a huge mess outside of my bathroom including water from the hose of the washer that we moved and that he trudged through every time he went into and out of my house.  At one point he expressed to me that he normally does not “do this kind of job.”  Of course, this made me very nervous.  In fact the entire day I was on edge and hoping that this person would get the job done and get it done right mainly due to his obvious bad attitude.  There were some things that were needed for the toilet (a flange) and one of the owners did pick it up and deliver it.  However, according to this contractor, it was the incorrect one, so I had to call my husband and ask him to get the correct one from a hardware store in town (the closest being 30 minutes from our home.) Thankfully, that one worked.
At the end of the day, we cleaned up his mess on the porch from cutting the subfloor and he didn’t thank us.  He didn’t thank me for the lunch I gave him (I thought food might make him less grumpy) or for the dinner I sent home with him.  He arrived at 9:30 (a half hour late) and went home at 7:00pm.  It was a long day.
One day later a small piece of tile laying behind the toilet’s plumbing fell into the floor.  I couldn’t get it out.  I called the owners and they had this contractor come by and fix it.  It was fixed the same day.  I’m not sure what caused that piece to fall into the floor (I thought the subfloor should be lying underneath it,) but he must have had to fill it with something and it seems to be okay now.
I understand that fixing anything in an old farmhouse is frustrating.  I’ve been frustrated many times myself fixing things in my home. However, when it’s your profession, I believe there is a time to keep it to yourself and be professional and at least give the impression that the job will get done and it will all go alright.  Especially when your customers are clearly trying to be nice to you and helping you with things as well.  I think the owners, Jodie and Wade, are incredibly nice people.  They are responsive and seem to really care about their customers.  However, I think they need to seriously consider the contractors they choose to hire out to jobs.  Even if a person does “good work,” a bad attitude can really affect customers and ultimately the success of one’s business.
It was, in all honesty, a horrible experience, and it really didn’t have to be.  And, unfortunately, it caused a very negative impression on Jade Floor Company.

Description of work:  Installation of peel and stick tile to a small bathroom floor and installation of a new toilet in an old 1890 farmhouse.


Hello (member name removed), We are so sorry this was such a bad experience for you. We sincerely apologize for the behavior of the new subcontractor. Like you said even though the work was done properly his attitude should be professional and upbeat at all times. This particular contractor has been doing floors for 31 years and has really good references with his personal customers as well as other customers of ours so I am not quite sure why he was so rude that day. There is no excuse for his behavior. We have learned from this experience, we have always thoroughly checked out a subcontractors work before they begin working with us but we somehow need to find a way to check out their personality and professionalism with customers. Thank you so much for your input (member name removed), even though it is hard to receive a bad review we understand your frustration and we will apply what we have learned to make it a better experience for future customers.

A Rating    01/11/2013 – Kathy Egan

Overall fantastic. This was a complicated tear out and reinstall in an older home. Every floor is level, transitions are perfect, and core problems [tilted steps, cracked baseboards, low spots in underlayment are all fixed.
Jade responded beautifully to changing needs as we found different problems. Wade, Jodi and the crews all rock!
Went the extra mile always: mentioned I wanted scraps of carpet so I could cover the seat in a bay window — before I knew t the had done it for me — certainly not on the original order!

Description of work:  Ripout 1000+ feet of mixed flooring. Install hardwood, carpet, cork and a natural stone floor medallion after repairing several underfloor problems in the house. Able to diagnose and fix stairs that had tilted steps that had caused several falls. Level and safe now!

C Rating    01/10/2013 – Lyle Barr

The speed of their work was terrible.

Description of work:  We use Jade Floors for hardwood.


Hi Member, We don’t understand this review because we did not do any hardwood for you. We installed new carpet in a bedroom and new vinyl in two bathrooms and the kitchen. You already did a review for us back on June 6, 2012 indicated you were very satisfied and you gave us an “A” rating. There were two delays in your job, one was the vinyl in the kitchen bubbled due to the 104 degree summer weather so we ordered new vinyl and installed it as soon as it arrived. The other delay was the scheduled installer coming down with severe stomach flu which set the job back one extra day. Maybe there is a possibility you are confusing us with another company because you had mentioned to us that you were wanting to get your hardwood refinished. Please let us know if there is anything we need to do to clear up any confusion. Thanks

A Rating    01/07/2013 – N Harrison

They were responsive on the estimate, but we did not in the end select them. They seemed nice and were friendly and helpful and gave us an instant estimate on the spot.

Description of work:  Jade Floors gave us an estimate of just under $1,000 for hardwood flooring.

A Rating    12/27/2012 – Melissa Chalona

It went well. We also had them refinish a section of wood floor in our old house and that came out great.

Description of work:  Replaced old carpeting and installed new carpet in family room and installed new solid hardwood in living and dining rooms. Did a good job of guiding through process. Helped out by recommending we save the carpet pad in the family room. It was pretty new and high quality.
Got the work done in a timely manner and was finished in time for us to move in on schedule.

A Rating    11/20/2012 – Mark Ringerud

came across Jade Floors from an internet search and then decided to try them based on reviews from Angie’s List. We are glad we did.
We heard back within hours after submitting a quote request via their website. Wade came over at our convenience on a Saturday afternoon, brought out his dufflebag of hardwood samples along with carpet samples.It was so nice not to get the huge sales-pitch retailers give you.  He was very helpful in recommending different hardwoods and carpets that would work well for us (kid and pet traffic) along with the look we were going for. He measured all our rooms, hallways, stairs and gave us an estimate on the spot with the materials we decided on. He also gave us a start date and time-frame for the work.  Turned out to be right on.
Wade brought the hardwood over a few days before the install, to allow it to acclimate to our house. His crew did all the heavy lifting and moving of our larger pieces of furniture in each room and put it all back where we wanted it. This was a two week job. They cleaned up their work everyday, allowing us to continue our daily life.
After sticking around the first day of the job and meeting the entire crew, I felt very comfortable with them working in our home and left for work each day.  The days I couldn’t get home before they finished for the day, they would have their work area cleaned up and the house locked behind them.
Their entire crew was very friendly and would answer all the questions I had, even not related to the flooring. They encouraged us to be part of the process.  My daily inspections included asking them to replace certain boards which they would complete the next
It was so nice to deal with people who I felt comfortable with, who I could easily talk with. Maybe an odd comment, but one thing I noticed (which was cool) was that the entire crew seemed to be happy.  This helped with the two weeks they were in our home.
A minor issue for me since I can easily telecommute with my own job, was the crew arrived at fluctuating times each day.
Overall, we are extremely happy with Jade Floors. They did a very professional job. The quality of installation and materials is excellent. Our new hardwood floors look awesome!

Description of work:  Jade Floors replaced our old carpet with hardwood floors (pre-finished oak) in two large rooms, a hallway and set of stairs. Also put in new carpet in two additional rooms and a hallway. And a vinyl floor in a bathroom.

A Rating    11/12/2012 – Derek Glinsman

Wade was very helpful when in came, on Sunday, to give us the quote and that’s the reason I chose him over other quotes I received. He arrived when scheduled and promptly went to work and finished the job in an amazing short period of time. His clean up was great. All we did is move our furniture after the waiting period to let the floor set up.
The best thing was he charged us less than the original quote!! Plus I was able to return one box of flooring due to his efficiency.

Description of work:  Jade floors did a small job installing laminate flooring that had an increased degree of difficulty due to many angle cuts and the transition from tile to laminate floor.

A Rating    11/06/2012 – Mike Von Gunten

No experience yet.

Description of work:  I called for an estimate and Wade arrived promptly the next day. He was very thorough and left an itemized estimate. I do not know about their prices and quality since we haven’t done any comparison. We are still deciding if we want to do the project, but am favorably impressed with Jade Floors.

A Rating    09/08/2012 – Beth Churchman

They were awesome in every way!

Description of work:  Jade installed carpeting in my mother’s property. They attended to all details adn her changed requests.  They were a pleasure to work with and promptly did a quality job. We will use them again!!

A Rating    08/29/2012 – GABRIELLE BORIN

Wade and Jodi are a pleasure to work with.  Wade always answers his phone and seems genuinely happy to speak with you.  Wade understood that I needed to complete my project quickly and within a certain timeframe; in response, he came to the house with samples within just a couple days, on a Saturday.  He listened to exactly what I wanted and made it easy for me to narrow down the choices for what would be a long-term solution.  He was honest about the good quality of carpet I had in other areas of the house and recommended cleaning versus replacement (that saved me a lot of money).  He immediately ordered the materials and gave me a very low price on labor for installation.  The installers arrived on schedule and even though they had more work than they anticipated tearing out the old mess, they were still able to complete the work on time and very, very cleanly!  I absolutely loved the new carpet.  However, I had a concern about a 2 inch spot on the carpet and Wade came out immediately to take care of it.  I can’t wait to remodel another room so that I can work with Wade and Jodi again.

Description of work:  Removal of old carpet and padding, purchase of new carpet, install of new padding and carpet in large room and stairs

A Rating    08/08/2012 – Rebecca Goldbach

Wade did a great job.  We had been having trouble finding someone who would actually show up and be willing to do the job.  I called him and he was out with an estimate the next day, and did the work the following day.  He was on time and very friendly, I have no complaints.

Description of work:  Replaced carpet padding and restreched carpet.

A Rating    08/01/2012 – Caroline Hollowed

Originally was only going to do the living room/dinning room and a small portion of the family room in hardwood flooring, but Wade came over with his samples and I was able to get the flooring at an incredible savings. Wade and Mike were very nice and professional; really cared about doing a great job so much that I kept adding to the job. They made it affordable for me to be able to do so. 🙂 Once the hardwood was down, the linoleum in the bathrooms were an eyesore so I had them put tile down. The floors look GREAT!!  Definitely would recommend Jade Floors to others in fact I am planning on having them back in September to tile the kitchen floor.

Description of work:  Had hardwood floors installed in master bedroom, living/dining rooms, family room and stairs. Tile was installed in 3 bathrooms and at both entries.

A Rating    07/28/2012 – Fred Colby

Description of work:  Owner came out to our newly purchased home and advised against replacing carpet as it was in good enough shape to last another 10 years or so.  Much appreciated his honesty rather than trying to push an unneeded expense. He also advised us on installing new hardwood floors.  We will definitely use them in future.

F Rating    07/15/2012 – Michael Lefsky

I made an appointment to receive an estimate. Personnel showed up at appointed time and said that one of the other installers hadn’t shown up for another job and that he could only make the measurements and then contact me later. He made the measurements and I’ve never heard from him since.

Description of work:  I requested an estimate.


Sorry Member, When I came to your house I did not realize that you wanted berber. Unfortunately, we only have one berber carpet in our line of carpets that we carry and I would not have been comfortable selling you a berber carpet, I just don’t feel it is worth spending the money on a carpet that should not be installed in someone’s home. That is why I did not get back to you with a price. If you are set on a berber please call the home centers. That have lots of berbers to choose from. Sorry I disappointed you Member.

A Rating    07/01/2012 – Jennifer Martinez

Overall I very happy with the floors. I had the oak flooring installed in my kitchen, living room, hallway and all my closets, I put in for a estimate on their website and received and call with in 15 mins to set up a appointment for the next day. Wade arrived for the appointment on time with samples. Wade spent time to help us select the wood that would be best suited for our family and this dry colorado climate. We were quoted about 4 days for the install. The install took 5 days due to unforseen issues with removing to old subfloorimg in the kitchen. When the work was done I did an inspection and found quite a few cracked and damaged boards and a few issues with minor damage to the existing wood work like door ways and base boards. I called wade and explained my concerns and he said would the contractor back out to fix the problems. The contractor from busy d came back promptly and fixed the damage boards. There are a coupple of other small issues that are in the process of being fixed. The few small issues aside the floors turned out beautiful and wade has been prompt and professional about fixing them. I also appreciated the non salesman approach.

Description of work:  I purchased 670sq ft of the rustic oak and had it installed by Jade floors

A Rating    06/06/2012 – Lyle Barr

They were a home owned company. They weren’t a big company. We talked to the owners and they were the ones who brought us samples. They also walked us through and explained to us what they were doing. They very prompt and finished when they said they would. It was a good experience overall.

Description of work:  They installed carpet in our back bedroom and hall closet.

A Rating    04/26/2012 – ROBERT S LANCIOTTI

I contacted Jade Floors because of the good reports on Angie’s list and I was NOT disappointed.  From the very outset they were professional in every aspect of the work.  They responded quickly to my phone inquiry for a job estimate and Wade was perfectly on time for our meeting.  In addition to a rapid price estimate, Wade was extremely helpful in offering suggestions about the project that I had in mind.  I actually had a few different options of replacing a carpeted area and Wade offered excellent advice.  Throughout the process Wade was very good about keeping me updated on the progress with at least one phone call per day.  The finished product was outstanding and we are very pleased!

Description of work:  Replaced most of the carpeted area on the first floor of my townhouse with hardwood flooring.

B Rating    04/24/2012 – Elaine den Hoed

They choose them because of price, quality and convenience. They did a good job and were very punctual.

Description of work:  They replaced and installed some new carpet.

A Rating    08/30/2011 – Timothy Schultz

The owner Wade is very knowledgeable and helped to recommend the product that would work for us which was very helpful. He has been in the business a long time. The installer was also experienced and friendly. Overall it was a good experience. The only downside I would caution a potential client when dealing with this company is to go on the assumption that the job will take a longer time than they estimate. Allow for plenty of extra time because they will take the time to get it just right. But when they have completed the job, it will be done well.

Description of work:  Jade Floors replaced the vinyl in a bathroom of a rental property that I own. They leveled the floor, pulled the toilet, laid the vinyl, replaced the toilet and put on all new trim edging.

A Rating    07/29/2011 – Jane Schepmoes

Wade one of the owners came over brought samples and gave me an estimate the next day after I called him. We set a schedule and the work was started on a Tuesday and finished on Friday just like Wade said it would. The crew moved all the furniture out of each room did the work and put the furniture back where I wanted it. The are was cleaned and they removed all the debris. One day I had to work and left the door unlocked and when I came home the work was done and every thing was cleaned up.

Description of work:  I had all my carpet replaced and and the tile in the kitchen replaced.

A Rating    06/30/2011 – Khristy Preston

Have yet to confirm final appointment

Description of work:  Called and received an estimate.  He came out the next day, very professional and courteous.  Just waiting to have work performed.

A Rating    03/24/2011 – Rick Moltzon

Overall the job went very well, the quality of installation and materials is excellent. Wade is the owner installer and has one helper. They are very busy (they worked Sat, Sun and Mon on our installation) and the only shortcoming in the entire job was a delay caused by a stair header and two transitions not arriving until a week after the job was complete.

Description of work:  Tore up carpet and installed bamboo flooring on approximately 600 sq. ft and tiled a small bathroom of approx 70 sq. ft. Also used some of the carpeting removed to replace carpet on 2 flights of stairs and a landing. Provided material and labor after bringing out samples to our house to quote the job. Their quote was about $1800 under the nearest competitor and none of the competitive quotes would handle reusing the carpet that had been removed. Wade was very professional, showed up on time, and always kept us informed of progress.

Jade Floors specializes in both sales & installation of carpet, tile floors, hardwood flooring, laminate floors, & vinyl flooring. We are also the experts to call for refinishing hardwood floors. Proudly serving Berthoud, Evans, Firestone, Fort Collins, Greeley, Johnstown, Loveland, Mead, Wellington, Windsor, & the surrounding area.